A "Lombada"

Post date: May 28, 2016 4:01:37 PM

Though I am quite sure most of you know of the recent developments in our lives since we last communicated with you, I thought it best to touch base as Renate and I have become keenly aware of the tireless prayers on our behalf since it was discovered I have Pancreatic cancer that seems to have already spread to my liver. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy to see if the cancer can be managed as it is classified as incurable. Renate has been faithful in posting constant updates on her Facebook page as it has been impossible to respond personally to all who have reached out to us since mid-April. If you have a Facebook page, please feel free to send Renate a friend request in order to be able to hear from us more often if you wish. Pancreatic cancer statistically is considered the most aggressive of the cancers. Though I will not deny that it has overwhelmed our family, I also rejoice that devastation, as it relates to this earthly life does, does not amount to much more than a bump in the road for the child of God who awaits eternal life. In Brazil, we have many speed bumps; they’re a nuisance but no big deal. We call them “lombadas”. Thank you for your prayers as we navigate over this, another “lombada”, in our lives.

“At The Risk of Sounding Redundant…” Thank you for your prayers offered incessantly on our behalf. Thank you for those who have boldly asked God to give us more years of life to serve and even for a cure if He sees fit; I admire your faith and thank the Lord you are placing that faith in God on our behalf. Thank you to all our financial supporters who are so faithful and thank you for your continued and faithful support even through these uncertain times. Currently I am working as much as I can in our ministry here at Baptist Mid-Missions headquarters. As you might imagine, we are not sure how long our time here in Cleveland will be and what awaits us on the other end. We trust in God and thank Him daily for you all who pray and will certainly be with us on the other end no matter what they may look like. I am thankful for good insurance made possible because of our faithful supporters. Even with significant extra expenses that incur over and above insurance coverage, I praise God that because of the faithfulness of you who support us, finances really never has been nor has yet to be a concern for us….we humbly thank God and you!!!