The Circle of Life

Post date: Sep 30, 2015 12:41:40 PM

For many years, Renate’s mother, Patti, cared for her own mother, Jane, as age began to impose its limitations. Jane lived with Renate’s mother until it was no longer viable. She then headed up to Alabama to a nursing home close to the oldest brother, Renate’s Uncle Peter. On August 30th, our anniversary, the Lord ushered Renate’s grandmother into Glory. Renate was in the States helping care for her own mother during recovery from knee surgery. As many know, Renate has spent much time in the past months with her mother in the States. Though it has not been easy being apart from my wife, she has always taken great joy in serving others. That joy is magnified as now she has the privilege of being more present in her mother’s life as decisions that go along with this phase are made. You see, Renate’s mother, Patti, was a precious example to her in caring for her own mother, Jane, right up until she was laid to rest this past month. Loving and caring for the generation that cared for us is part of the fabric of Renate’s family and is the true manifestation of the circle of life. Most likely, Renate will be spending more and more time in the States for years to come and that is fine. We are so thankful for the constant flow of emails we receive reminding us of all who pray for Renate and her parents. Thank you.