Out-of state Plate

Post date: Jul 27, 2016 4:37:15 PM

“God is still Good, God is still God”: That phrase echoes in my head from time to time. No matter what God sends our way, no matter how difficult trials may be, He is still good and he will always be God. This week we look forward to another three-day chemo treatment; this is number 6. Next week they will run scans to see if the treatments are having the desired result before we proceed to the next 6 treatments. Though I cannot deny some apprehension as we look ahead to the scan results, our prayer is that we allow God’s grace to shine in our lives no matter what the result may show. God has a plan for our lives no matter what the medical world may say. Our God is sovereign and is not governed by statistics. What He has for our future is perfect.God has also manifested His goodness in the supporters who continue to faithfully stand behind us as we minister here at the home office. Renate and I thank you for your continued partnership during this time of sickness as well as through our change in ministry. We hope and pray He will allow us to visit each of you so that we might express our appreciation face to face.

Thank you for your prayers for Renate as well. Her full time ministry now is me and I am so blessed God placed her in my life long ago. We celebrate 30 years of marriage in August!!!

“Out-of-state Plate” My cancer diagnosis right at the time I was to assume a new ministry here at Baptist Mid-Missions has placed an undue burden on many of the staff here at the office. Though God has given strength to come to work almost every day, my regular chemo treatments keep me out of the office often.In some parts of the country, drivers are very patient when they see a car with an out-of-state license plate messing up the traffic pattern. In my travels through countless furloughs across this land, I have been that out-of-state driver!! It’s an awkward feeling as you wave out the window apologizing for each mistake and thanking for expressions of kind patience. Since becoming the Director of Missionary Finance here at BMM, Cleveland, that feeling haunts me all over again. As I wander up and down the hallways of the office trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing, I encounter coworkers who patiently get me pointed in the right direction.

I look forward to serving God in this capacity for as long as He gives me here on earth.

God is still Good; God is still God!!

Doug and Renate Reiner