FAQ #3 - Are there those who can step in and “fill the hole” where you minister now?

Post date: Mar 22, 2016 8:26:22 PM

Renate mentioned in her letter in January that, as we see it, our presence in the São Francisco Valley is no longer essential to the progression of the work. As a matter of fact, the national pastors have been the visionaries for expansion and self-propagation for a few years now and we have been more facilitators than leaders in the missionary effort. The facilitation aspect of our ministry in the Valley will actually continue even from the States. It will involve leadership, counsel, regular trips to Brazil and financial investment on our part. The maturity in our region is evident, and in a certain sense, our absence will most likely lead even more men and women to step up. You see, often the need to “fill a hole” brings about a certain growth and maturity that prods any complacency generated when a missionary lingers in said “hole”.