Good news is not always that good but bad news is not always that bad either.

Post date: Sep 12, 2016 7:54:15 PM

Since receiving my pancreatic cancer diagnosis, Renate and I have received our share of news as it relates to the progress of the disease. Since we last wrote, my doctor informed us that the tumor in the pancreas has shrunk a bit with the chemo treatments but that tumors in my liver have increased in number and size. We have since switched to another chemo regimen in order to better manage the progress of the disease. We have quickly learned that any “good” news from the doctor is not really that good overall. But you know what? The bad news we frequently get turns out to not really be that bad either. When the doctor sat in front of Renate, my sister Jo and me last month, he told us that the remainder of my life here on earth can be measured in months and not years, the Holy Spirit seemed to nudge me at that very moment. He brought to mind that He was still there and what the doctor was sharing did not change God’s plans for my life in the least. I am still in His hands, not the doctor’s!!! That, my friend, is the best news God could have reminded me at that very moment. Tomorrow we head back to another treatment, bracing ourselves for possible more “bad” news while at the same time, knowing that no matter what is shared, “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain”!!! It’s already good news!!!What about Renate?”: God has given me perfect peace beyond all understanding as it relates to my immediate future. I have struggled often, however, finding peace as I think of the wellbeing of my dear wife of 30 years. I find myself constantly pondering what God’s plans are for Renate if He should choose to take me before her. Will she be ok? Will her needs be met? What will she do next? Will she stay in full time ministry? Will she get a job? Renate, mind you, is not eager to talk with me about these matters and that is understandable. She has all she can do to take care of me. At the same time, God is giving peace. He reminds me through emails and personal contact that our supporting churches, individual donors, and the Baptist Mid-Missions home office will be by her side as she seeks what God would have for her next. God gives Peace!!! I can only thank the Lord and thank you all for the assurance Renate will be ok.

“9 to 5”: God still gives strength to be able to come into the office virtually every day. We are blessed that God has given us this opportunity to serve Him here at BMM as Director of Missionary Finance. I have coworkers who look out for me, missionaries who are patient with me, a President and administrators who care for me and assistants who pick up the slack for me. I am often asked how I am doing. I say, “Better than I deserve!!!”.