Return to Ministry

Post date: Dec 22, 2017 12:51:26 AM

My return to Brazil after a year and a half was bittersweet. I was looking forward to the ministry opportunities both in the Northeast and in São Paulo. I was also looking forward to seeing the people in the São Francisco Valley. I was even looking forward to getting back to Brazil. What I wasn’t prepared for were the tears that began as soon as the pilot made his initial descent into Petrolina. I cried all the way through landing, picking up my baggage and following the crowd into the main terminal. There were about fifteen waiting to welcome me back with flowers, hugs and yes, more tears.The memories assaulted me the first few days as I drove around town and visited the churches. It got easier as I concentrated more on the ministry at hand rather than that of the past. And, it gave the people of the churches the closure they needed. We comforted each other.

So, as I take advantage of a short flight on my way back, I can honestly say it was a good trip. The education module was productive for those who participated. The area wide ladies meeting was well attended and afforded me a chance to see those I would not have been able to otherwise. The churches are excited about the ministry at the Press and are praying for me as well as urging me along. They are anxious for new Sunday School materials that are doctrinally sound and relevant to them. The annual conference for the Press was encouraging and edifying. And, probably most important, I got a good perspective of where we are with materials and to establish some goals for publication. We hope to launch some of the new materials as early as April, 2018.

Since my return to the States in November, I’ve been to Michigan for a visit with a supporting church. I’ve also been to Florida to get my parents and their belongings moved to North Carolina. They’ve been staying with me for the past week as their condo had a sewer backup which involved replacing the floor. We will move their things over this week, but they will not sleep there until after Christmas. So, we have a full house; four adults and four dogs. It’s not dull.

My responsibilities with Brazil are also in progress. Right after the first of the year my right-hand girl and I will start work on getting the pre-primary curriculum to press. One year is mostly done. I’ll also be getting in touch with illustrators to get working on new visuals for the Junior department. That curriculum is getting a revision which I will be working on very soon. Right now, I’m finishing a translation for a colleague’s children’s program. I hope to finish that this week or the next.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your prayers. This Christmas is going to be hard without Doug. I am thankful for my children, my parents and other family and friends nearby that make it special all the same. May the Lord grant each of you a Merry Christmas.