Dios y Federación

Post date: Dec 16, 2015 9:13:48 PM

Now three years into Project Mozambique, Ministério Cristão Global has now expanded into Venezuela. When we first went to Mozambique to build the orphanage, there were 27 of us. Since then we have sent six more to continue the Bible Institute started in Africa. In October of this year, 30 went to Venezuela equipped and funded to build the main education building of the Seminário Bautista Venezuelana. This was a $15 thousand endeavor, and once again, just as in Mozambique, we raised the funds among our churches in the valley. It still amazes me how much God chooses to accomplish through people of a lower income class who simply have faith that God can provide. Four pastors went to teach modules in the seminary while others conducted VBS and health clinics. The men worked 12 hours a day during the week and were able to erect all the walls of the 2200 square foot educational building. What a joy to see the God of the Venezuelan motto preached to the people of the Venezuelan Federation.