Kickin’ it up a Notch

Post date: Sep 30, 2015 1:05:43 PM

The past three years of ministry continues to amaze us. When God nurtured a passion for world missions among key pastors we work with, a world missionary vision was born right here, in our back yard. Since then, we here in the valley have been to Mozambique five times to minister to those that need to be exposed to the Glory of the Lord on the African continent. Let us review, shall we? Since 2013, the churches in our valley have sent over 35 people to build a new wing for Ebenezer Orphanage in Beira, Mozambique. We have sent teachers to teach modules to over 25 national pastors. We look forward to another trip to Africa for the graduation ceremony of these men. In addition, we are currently praying for the Lord to raise up laborers among our people here to serve full time alongside those pastors in Mozambique.

Now, to the next phase…kickin’ it up a notch. On October 8, 2015, another 30 head off to Venezuela to come alongside our Brazilian missionaries there. We are raising money to build a dormitory for the new seminary being established in El Palmar. While there, our team plans to also have VBS with the kids in the town as well as assist in medical attention for the less fortunate. What makes this trip so special for Renate and me is that we cannot go but they can. You see, Venezuela has always been hostile toward the United States. Our Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries were actually evicted from there and no Americans are granted visas for missionary or religious activities of any sort. Our Brazilian brethren, though, can enter at will. They don’t even need a passport much less an entry visa. We indeed have been blessed to live in the generation in Brazil that saw our people head off to Africa to make disciples. Today, we further rejoice as those whose spiritual well-being has been charged to our care since their salvation are now ministering in countries where we Americans can no longer go.