It Happens

Post date: Jun 25, 2015 5:48:04 PM

by Patricia Damm, Renate’s Mother. “When your earthly body ages, painful creaks and groans take over. I found out how true this was earlier this year. My orthopedist said it was time to replace my right knee. Really? I’m not ready for this. But it seems that my bones and my doctor didn’t care whether I was ready or not.

A few phone calls to Brazil helped me realize it was going to be okay; Renate would be coming to get me through the surgery and the weeks of recuperation at home. And she would speak with her brother in Nevada so he could come take care of his Papa who has his own special need, which also affects the elderly. I thought back on twenty years ago and how much more difficult it would have been to contact either child—one serving the Lord beside her husband in the interior of Brazil and the other serving his country at a secret air base in the mountains of Nevada. But that was then and this is now. I realized my fears had been focused on myself and my circumstances and not much on the surgery itself. My emotions had taken over.

So I stopped, stepped back and mentally shook like a dog coming in from the rain. The One Who knows everything was watching over me and my family. (Matt.6:25ff) Of course! God has been there for us from the beginning and was bringing us all together in our time of need.

I have my new knee, Renate is still here helping me through the days which are getting much better, our son has returned to his family, and Papa has enjoyed having everyone together. Renate leaves in a few weeks to rejoin her husband in Petrolina, Brazil. We are blessed in all our circumstances, both good and difficult.”

Patrica Damm is Renate's Mother. She is a published author and translator and lives with her husband in Pensacola, Florida

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