FAQ #5 - How will it work with your support?

Post date: Mar 22, 2016 7:52:50 PM

As we join the ministry team in Cleveland, we will be salaried as it relates to the IRS. We do, however, still trust the Lord for our personal financial support to “fund” our salary. In short, I have been asked to minister in the office and by faith the mission trusts the Lord that our support will cover the salary we will be receiving. We will not be receiving support and salary; we will be receiving salary trusting God that our support will adequately fund it. In simple terms, support for Doug and Renate will still be directed to our salary/ministry. If support were diminished, we would need to seek it elsewhere.

Our hope and prayer is that our churches and supporters will continue to provide as we make this shift in emphasis of our ministry. We look forward to ministering and reporting to our supporters on a regular basis just as we did while physically living in Brazil. Even if financial support were to diminish due to our expanded call, we still trust that supporters will still continue to consider us their missionary. I know that we will always consider each of our faithful supporters our partners in ministry. We will never cease to thank God for how faithfully they have stood behind us from the beginning no matter what financial considerations must be made by each of them.

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